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Anonymous: "Do you think Tyler H could be the one leaving the show? I feel like since he's losing his wolf powers he could end up dying. Idk just a thought ."

I’ve read a lot of theories from teen wolf fans and a lot of them believe that Tyler will leave the show. One of the main characters is leaving the show & with everything that’s been happening it looks like Derek might be killed off.

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Finding Carter Confessions

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Anonymous: "Hey, my headcanon that I submitted the day confessions opened hasn't been posted, did I do something wrong, or are you backed up w/ headcanons? I appreciate what you do for the fandom, btw, and love the blog x"

can you check later today? I’m making some to queue now. If you still don’t see it, talk to my off anon! (:

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Anonymous: "Do you think that Kira and Malia have a thing? (Since they were dancing together)"

personally, no I don’t.

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